Trampoline Fitness

Written by Donald Sparacin
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While everyone has fun on a trampoline, fitness is also a byproduct. Trampoline fitness programs are three-dimensional workouts that are fun and healthy. Every muscle will receive benefits from a trampoline workout, including the heart and lungs. It is a low-impact way of aerobic training, and a fun way to build muscle tone.

A Trampoline Fitness Program for Every Age Group

You can develop your own trampoline fitness program for anyone that can walk. Little ones will learn balance, and grandma can re-learn it. We all see the older people that walk as if they are afraid to fall, exactly like toddlers do. Through the use of a trampoline, the toddler and grandparent can gain that much needed confidence when walking on solid ground. Falling on a trampoline isn't painful, so both age groups will lose their fear of falling when they aren't on one.

The preteen will find a trampoline far more fun than typical calisthenics. Repetitive squats and leg-lifts are about as boring an activity as there is. Yet the same muscular results can be obtained by bouncing on a trampoline. To the youngster, a trampoline fitness program isn't a workout it's a play-out, but it achieves the same health benefits.

Dieting parents will see better results by the addition of a trampoline fitness program along with their food sacrifices. Every doctor and nutritionist will tell you that the best way to get and stay fit is to combine healthy eating and regular exercise. Bouncing your pounds away on a trampoline is entirely more fun than going to the expensive torture chambers that most people call fitness centers. Besides, your kids will think you're the coolest parents on the block when they see you on the trampoline.

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