Trampoline Games

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Kids never seem to run out of ideas for trampoline games, but unless their games feature one jumper at a time they just aren't safe. Fortunately, many parents have devised creative, and safe trampoline games for groups of kids. We will discuss a few ideas below for you to try, or you can invent some of your own. The key aspect of trampoline games is that they must be safe.

Safe Trampoline Games

One safe trampoline game is like the old game of horse on the driveway basketball court. This one assumes that the children are all of about the same skill level. The jumper takes several jumps and does some form of bounce trick. Then each subsequent friend tries to recreate the trick with the same number of jumps. If the player can't match the trick or the same number of jumps to accomplish it, they get a letter. Most kids play the game with the letters H-O-R-S-E or G-H-O-S-T.

Try this fun game on a backyard trampoline in the summer. Fill balloons with water and place them on the jumping surface. The jumper tries to avoid getting wet, well, sometimes. It's also fun to watch all of the water balloons bouncing on the surface along with the jumper.

Dodge ball is a fun trampoline game with soft balls. The jumper will find creative ways of avoiding the missiles. No matter what game your children play on the trampoline, please insure their safety and be there with them. While the trampoline games we just described are fun, without proper supervision they can spell trouble.

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