Trampoline Gymnastics

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline gymnastics are the positions and acrobatics that are performed by the highly advanced trampoline jumpers. These positions are attained after much practice with a certified coach and should never be attempted on the backyard trampoline. Most trampoline gymnastics are performed on rectangular trampolines since they have different springs that allow the jumper to attain serious heights that would prove very unsafe in the yard.

Trampoline Gymnastics Are Highly Competitive Sports

Trampoline gymnastics began as an Olympic sport in the 2000 games. It has been a worldwide competition since the 1960s, and most modern countries have representatives at the competitions. The Olympics are judged by style and difficulty, as are national and other local competitions. In most cases there are 5 judges that rate the performance of the athlete.

The scoring for trampoline events are almost always the same. The form of the athlete's style is judged as he or she goes through their routine. Judges look for straight legs and arms, a controlled head and straight body. They check that the athlete stays in the middle of the bed and gains a consistent height. Most judging weighs form and style higher than difficulty to keep the maneuvers safer.

Difficulty ratings pretty much works like this. For every 90 degrees of somersault the athlete completes they receive some percentage of a point. Various other maneuvers like pikes, twists and tucks in combination with the somersault also receives point percentages. These varying points are compiled along with the style points to give the athlete a total score for the routine.

Trampoline gymnastics can be a very dramatic thing to watch. Athletes gain heights of 30 feet and more to achieve the time necessary to complete their routines safely. This could never be achieved on a backyard trampoline and should never be attempted. If trampoline gymnastics sound like something that interests you, learn the basics then find a good coach.

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