Trampoline Ladders

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline ladders make it easier to get onto the trampoline. While many manufacturers say in their literature that if you can't get on the trampoline by your own power you shouldn't be on one, they almost all make the ladders. Frankly, for some little ones a ladder is the only way they can up onto the trampoline without a boost from mom, dad, or another adult. That can get tiring for the adult supervisor, so ladders make a world of good sense.

Trampoline Ladders Make Life Easier

Trampoline ladders can make the backyard trampoline party for the neighborhood kids much easier for the adult that's watching out for their safety. Imagine a dozen or so kids all taking turns jumping on the trampoline. For each one of these little tykes the adult supervisor would have to lift them onto the jumping surface. That can eventually wear on the person's back, neck, and shoulders.

Ladders allow the smaller kids access to the jumping surface by themselves. While this is great on your back, it can be dangerous if you're not around. When you or another adult leaves the area, remove the ladder to a secure location. Remember, children should never use the trampoline unsupervised, and a ladder to help them get up without you there is a beacon for danger.

The safety rulebook says that if you can't get on the trampoline without help you probably shouldn't be on it. But frankly it's just plain easier to use a ladder. While you may have strength and agility to get onto the jumping surface you may want the ease and comfort of ladders to help you. Get a sturdy one, and make sure it's the right one for your specific trampoline. Anything else would be dangerous.

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