Trampoline Mats

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline mats are surfaces upon which you jump. Often called beds, trampoline mats are usually made to last about 5 years under normal use and often carry a warranty of about that long. Occasionally they may need re-stitching to keep them sound and safe. You should inspect the mats before each use for any areas that are worn, torn, or deteriorated.

Proper Care of Trampoline Mats

Daily inspection of trampoline mats is essential for safe trampoline use. Stitching can become worn and will need re-stitching. Most manufactures require their mats to be re-stitched every two or three years whether wear shows or not. You should follow their advice closely to prevent injury.

If you live in a cold area, you should remove your mats for the winter and store them in a warm, dry pace. If you wait too long and snow or ice forms on the mat, use hot water to melt it before you remove the mat. Leaving snow or ice to accumulate on the mats will cause them to get heavy and severely damage your springs. This will probably void your warranty, so it's frankly better to store the mat for the winter.

While it may sound overly obvious to say, the only thing between the jumper and the ground is the mat. Trampoline mats that are worn, torn, or damaged in any way can and probably will cause serious injury. That's just no fun, and you bought your trampoline for fun. Inspect your mats and all other parts before every use and you will enjoy many great safe years with your trampoline.

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