Trampoline Mats

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you purchased a quality trampoline, your trampoline mat should last you satisfactorily for many years. However, sometimes the mat lets us down due to unforeseen factors, such as the kids using something they shouldn't on the trampoline. Some types of trampoline boards can result in early wear and tear on a trampoline mat, and for this reason some trampoline manufactures state that the warranty of their product will become void if trampoline boards are used.

Being left out in all weathers without a trampoline cover can seriously shorten the life of your trampoline mat as well as the metal parts. Weather can weaken the stitching and fabric. Eventually, even the best cared for trampoline mat will need replacing or repairing though. The first thing you need to do if you have a trampoline is to find a resource for repairing your mat if it becomes damaged in the least.

Inspect for Damage

Even a few popped stitches should be cause for concern, because at any time with vigorous use, the damage could get worse and pose a hazard. Although a small puncture will probably not be a problem with today's no-run fabrics, a large slash will most likely constitute irreparable damage. Once a mat has been repaired a few times, or if it has sustained serious damage, it should be replaced without delay.

It makes sense to find a source of the highest quality trampoline mats you can find, both for safety's sake, and to avoid needing to purchase another replacement too soon. If your trampoline is subjected to very heavy use, it will be worth your while to replace it with a heavy duty trampoline mat. You can also get one that is targeted which can help to guide users back to the middle during trampoline play.

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