Trampoline Nets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many of us rush into buying something like a trampoline. If we're lucky we'll come across all the pertinent information and will end up with a product that is adequate for our purpose in every way. There is one trampoline accessory that most users don't have, however, and it happens to be the one accessory that can cut accidents drastically if used.

That accessory is the trampoline net. Only around 17 percent of trampoline users have a net to protect them from falling off the trampoline. This is a tragic omission since over 80 percent of all injuries sustained while using a trampoline are the result of users falling off the trampoline. It is doubly tragic because using a trampoline net is so easy: once it's installed it requires no effort whatsoever on the part of users.

Getting a Net

If you have yet to buy your trampoline, try and buy a trampoline with a net. It will be less expensive to make your purchase this way. However, if you have a trampoline but no net, you should investigate an appropriate net for your trampoline right away. This applies particularly if you have children who are using the trampoline regularly.

Children love to perform gymnastics on the trampoline. Sooner, rather than later, they'll be imitating the professionals. Without a substantial trampoline net they could be in serious danger. Make sure your younger children never use the trampoline unsupervised, and never allow more than one child to use the trampoline at any one time. This will cut down on the risk of accidents. Having said this, remember that trampolining is statistically safer for children than riding a bicycle or playing basketball.

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