Trampoline Parts

Written by Donald Sparacin
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All trampoline parts should be inspected often for wear or looseness. A worn surface can be as dangerous as a missing bolt that holds the pole together. Check for straightness in the support poles before each use, as this could cause a complete collapse of the trampoline. We will discuss the essential trampoline parts and highlight what to look for on your inspections.

Essential Trampoline Parts and What to Check

All essential trampoline parts can be broken down to three basic components: frame parts; spring parts; surface parts. Begin your inspection at the bottom, the frame and legs. Check the bolts to insure that the legs are held together securely, and tighten if necessary. If the trampoline has been secured to a base, verify that the bolts that hold it there are secure. The frame should be checked to be sure it's still round (or rectangular as the case may be). If any frame part is bent, have it replaced before allowing trampoline use. Also check that all frame components are secured together as per manufacturer specifications. Verify that nothing is rusted, protruding, or broken.

The next trampoline parts to check are the springs and their attachments. First, are they all there? Often a spring can break off and cause a weakening of that area of the trampoline. Make sure there is a spring attached to every hole. Check that the springs aren't stretched out or too soft. This can be like a missing spring if it's too loose or soft. Expect about 2 to 3 years of average use before replacement of the springs.

Lastly, check the surface for wear, tears, or deterioration every time you use the trampoline. Stitching should be redone every 2 to 3 years, and the surface should last about 8 years with re-stitching before replacement. Patch any holes or tears that are less than 1" wide, and replace the surface (or bed) if a hole is larger. If the stitching is breaking, have it re-stitched. The most important part of the surface to check is where it attaches to the springs. Any tears at the grommets or v-rings should be repaired or replaced immediately.

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