Trampoline Replacement Parts

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Anyone that has a trampoline will eventually need trampoline replacement parts. Let's face it, things don't last forever, and neither do trampolines. Even with the best of care and treatment you eventually need replacement parts to keep your favorite backyard activity safe for the whole family. We will discuss some of the more common parts here.

Common Trampoline Replacement Parts

The first trampoline replacement parts you will probably need are the springs. Over time and hours of jumping the springs will begin to sag and loosen. While you can expect your springs to last about three years under normal use, the family that gets more use out of their backyard trampoline will probably have to replace them sooner. Heavy people and heavy use is the primary indicator as to how long it should take before seeking these replacement parts.

The surface needs to be re-stitched every two to three years. If you notice any thread wear sooner, have it done sooner. It is critical to your safety to insure that the stitching is sound before ever getting on your backyard trampoline. The manufacturer can do this service for you, or recommend someone that can.

Legs and frames rarely need to be replaced, but when and if they do be sure to go back to the original manufacturer to get the correct trampoline replacement parts. If the legs or rail needs replacing to early of too often you probably bought an inferior quality product and you should consider seeking a better one. Trampoline replacement parts are a necessity of life if you own a trampoline. Don't put off their purchase or you could be exposing your family to possible danger.

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