Trampoline Safety Nets

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline safety nets are designed to keep the jumper on the trampoline. Every now and then, a jumper will land unexpectedly and sometimes they will be propelled away from the center. By installing safety nets the jumper will be urged back toward the center and not toward the ground. This device can prevent serious injury from falls and should be considered for any above ground trampoline.

Trampoline Safety Nets Are Not a Substitute for Supervision

No trampoline safety nets will ever replace a watchful parent or adult. While they will help to prevent many accidents that can happen when using a trampoline, they don't enforce the rules of trampoline safety. Be there to make sure that only one person is on the trampoline at the same time, and don't let the kids use the safety nets as propulsion devices.

Now, that all said, some safety nets are designed to be strong enough to keep even a 275-pound man from falling off the jumping surface. Better ones are made so the little fingers can't get stuck in the webbing and still allow for good visibility through it. There's nothing worse than safety nets that obscure visibility into the trampoline or through it. Why plant a flowerbed and block the view with cheap safety nets when there are ones that won't block that pretty view?

Look for nets that are built well rather than cheaply. They should be reinforced at the top so that they don't collapse easily. They should also be able to withstand many, many impacts by heavy people. Lastly, look for a good warranty. This is an excellent indicator of durability and ultimately safety.

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