Trampoline Safety Nets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're wondering whether it's worth buying a trampoline to amuse your children, you may be interested to know that trampolining is the third most popular sport after bicycling and basketball. In addition, kids with a trampoline at home spend an average of about three hours a week on it, as opposed to two hours each for the other two sports. You may also be interested to know that every year there are 80,000 injuries bad enough for a visit to the emergency room, as a direct result of using the trampoline.

Although this is still considerably less than the number of injuries caused by bicycling and basket ball, it is probably still great cause for concern for any caring parent. So what can we do to protect our children while they're using the trampoline? Trampoline safety nets can go a long way in maintaining safety.

Accidents and Safety Nets

Over 80 percent of these trampoline injuries are the result of a person bouncing right off the trampoline by accident. Safety nets or enclosures are a highly effective way of preventing this. Another effective way of reducing the hazard is to limit your kids to only one user on the trampoline at any one time. Accident statistics show that the average number of users on the trampoline at the time of an accident is three.

Statistics also show that while a large number of trampolines (over 65 percent) are fitted with safety pads, only slightly more than 15 percent are fitted with safety nets. This is negligent for the large number of households where kids are the main users of the trampoline. Adult supervision is another factor that will help to minimize the risk factor.

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