Trampoline Safety Pads

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline safety pads cover the springs on your trampoline. They protect you from harm and should be checked before every use. There's nothing worse than landing off center and getting yourself trapped in the springs. You can and probably will suffer injuries like sprains and breaks of your ankle.

Trampoline Safety Pads Protect You

Trampoline safety pads are thick foam padding that usually taper from about an inch on the rails to about a half-inch at the jumping surface. The spring array around a trampoline can be a very dangerous place to get some part of your body stuck. Spring removal isn't all that simple without a tool, so if someone were to get lodged into the springs they would likely be there for a while. Trampoline safety pads protect you from that.

They are almost all covered by some sort of PVC shell that the better of which would include a UV protection. Better ones will resist rot, weather and damage from shoes. You can best judge the quality of the pads by the length of the warranty that comes with them. Better, higher quality pads will have at least a 1-year warranty.

Almost all good quality trampolines will come with safety pads. Eventually though, they will wear out and need replacement. When you shop for replacement pads, don't just shop for price alone. This is a safety feature. Shop for the best you can find and feel confidant that your family is protected from harm.

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