Trampoline Safety Ratings

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Like all products sold in the United States, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) provides trampoline safety ratings to help consumers find the trampoline that is the safest. ASTM has been around for over 100 years and has tested everything from the steel used on railroad tracks to the fiber used in telecommunication cable, and they also rate trampolines. Trampoline safety ratings include aspects such as strength, safety features, and other important aspects. Any purchaser of a trampoline should carefully check the ASTM trampoline safety ratings before making any purchase.

Not All Trampolines Have Good Trampoline Safety Ratings

Some manufacturers work hard to insure that their product is top rated by the ASTM. Some manufacturers could care less. Some attempt to sell as many flimsy, unsafe trampolines as they can before the government or lawsuits shut them down. For many unaware consumers, they learn too late that the trampoline they bought was rated poor or unsafe by the standards board, ASTM.

Price should never be the determining factor in a trampoline purchase. You should check the safety ratings before you even begin to shop. Only then do you know which trampolines are safe enough for your family to use. After checking out the ratings, then you can shop for price, features, and soundness of the company, but never before.

The ASTM is independent of any manufacturer, yet it has many manufacturers within its ranks. They use the knowledge and products of these companies to make their independent determination as to which products are safe for American consumers. It doesn't cost you, the consumer anything for the service, and for you not to make use of it is frankly foolhardy. If you want a backyard trampoline check out the safety ratings first, and then buy with the confidence that your family will be safe.

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