Trampoline Safety Reviews

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline safety reviews frankly aren't all that good to report. Most reviews about trampolines discuss their potential dangers. It is a fact that injuries from unsafe use of trampolines do indeed occur. Since 1990 there have been 6 reported deaths from trampoline use, but these could and should have been prevented.

Trampoline Safety Reviews Would Be Better if Trampoline Safety Was Practiced

Almost every negative report on trampoline safety reviews clearly indicates that the manufacturer's safety guidelines were not followed. You cannot buy a trampoline without some form of safety guidelines from the manufacturer. Yet far too many people ignore these simple rules of safety, and far too many disregard the instructions as to properly build it. We all hate instructions, but some make sense.

When you buy a trampoline read the instruction booklet all the way through. It will tell you how to avoid being a statistic. Yet, following even the most basic instructions on safe trampoline use seems to escape far too many people. People will drink too much at a party and all pile onto a trampoline in the backyard without any thought to safety issues. Then they will all pile into a car and drive to an emergency room. Foolish behavior doesn't show up on the safety reports though, the trampoline does.

Act responsibly and trampoline use can be a safe and healthful way to have fun and get your exercise. Act like an idiot and you will be a negative statistic on a trampoline safety review. Even worse, if you have children and they see you acting irresponsibly on the trampoline, they will surely emulate your behavior. Read the instructions when you buy a trampoline and follow the instructions to the letter. Don't be another injury statistic in the trampoline safety reviews, and don't pull the industry down with you.

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