Trampoline Springs

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Makers of quality trampolines will go to great lengths to demonstrate to potential customers just how great their springs are. This includes not only robustness and durability, but also the quality of the resulting bounce. The bounce is all-important, since quality of bounce is what a trampoline is all about.

When it comes down to it though, the only true test of trampoline springs is in the experience. Experienced trampoline users can tell instantly whether they're using a quality trampoline. It's a fact that a trampoline's design isn't the only factor considered: while round trampolines are popular with kids, professionals almost always go for rectangle trampolines because they give a softer bounce.

Losing Your Bounce?

The kind of bounce a trampoline starts off with, though, can deteriorate fairly quickly if the equipment is not taken care of adequately. Some of the factors that will destroy trampoline springs include use by too many people at the same time, or by any one person exceeding the maximum weight for the trampoline. Weight in excess of what the trampoline is designed to carry will quickly stretch the springs out.

Sometimes this destructive weight is not due to people; snow and water collecting on the trampoline will also do a good job of stretching the springs out. It is for this reason that many trampoline owners go to the trouble of dismantling their trampolines in the winter months and storing them inside. If this is not possible, a trampoline cover will suffice, providing you take the precaution of regularly removing snow and rain that may accumulate.

If your springs lose their bounce, all is not lost. You can easily replace some or all of your trampoline springs through a reliable supplier. If you are only replacing some of the springs, it is essential that they are of the same type as the existing ones. If you are in any doubt at all, it is better to replace all the springs at one time in order to preserve the quality of bounce.

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