Trampoline Tents

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline tents can transform your backyard exercise tool into a wonderful playhouse for the kids. Every parent can remember doing exactly what his or her kids do on indoor days. They gather a few sheets, rearrange the furniture, and make a tent or fort in the living room. Trampoline tents take that same activity outside.

Trampoline Tents Make Great Playhouses

When the girls want to play with their dolls, and the brother keeps bothering them, the trampoline tent can become a safe haven. These great, inexpensive additions to the backyard trampoline transform the jumping surface into a soft floor on which to play. The kids will love to have sleepovers in their new backyard tent. They will spend hours and hours giggling and storytelling, and imagining that they are someplace exotic.

Trampoline tents are easy to assemble and disassemble. Most parents say that they can have it done in-between a long commercial on television. They don't use poles, so there's nothing to harm the surface bed. Trampoline tents have their own floor, so the crayons and other messy things that kids love won't deface your trampoline.

Screening will keep out the bugs, and since the trampoline tent is above the ground the kids won't have any fear of animals entering their shelter. They are built to be safe, so the parents won't have any fears either. Most are large enough to accommodate about 4 or 5 preteens since they are about 10' to 11' wide. And when the kids are at grandma's house, mommy and daddy may want to sneak into this private little oasis to recapture some of their more adventurous youthful days and nights.

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