Trampoline Tents

Written by Patricia Skinner
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In some areas, the weather is mild enough to leave the family trampoline outside all year round. However, even in the mildest areas, most trampolines don't get a lot of use come winter time. With the invention of an ingenious accessory, however, the trampoline can take on a whole new meaning when it's too cool for trampolining.

You can now buy trampoline tents for use with a wide range of different trampolines, both round and rectangular. They offer the possibility of a whole new dimension of fun for your children, and will stretch the usefulness of the trampoline, itself. You can get even more accessories to make the trampoline tent as much fun as possible for your kids.

Instant Secret Den

Trampoline tents can turn your trampoline into a play house or secret den for children of all ages. Any kind of tent is sure to be popular with your children; we all know how they love a space they can call their own. This is far better than a tent on the ground, because the ground can become very cold and wet in the winter. In addition, a weatherproof tent will provide valuable protection to the surface of the trampoline all winter long.

It is important to make sure that children using the trampoline tent realize that they can't bounce on the trampoline while the tent is installed. This could result in accidents and injuries. However, if you perceive that the temptation to jump may be too much, think about getting one of the larger trampoline tents which allow room for jumping kids.

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