Trampoline Tricks

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline tricks can also be described as the skills that come into play when using a trampoline. There are basic maneuvers that could be called trampoline tracks to the casual observer since they can be very dramatic to watch. For people just starting out with their backyard trampoline even the most basic maneuvers are trampoline tricks to them.

Trampoline Tricks Explained and Defined

Trampoline tricks can be done in the air or upon landing. In the air, the basic maneuvers to be learned are the tuck, pike, and straddle pike. The tuck involves bringing the knees to your chest and wrapping your arms around them. Release before landing. The pike resembles a diving position where the jumper touches their toes and releases before landing. The straddle pike is the same maneuver except that the legs are spread.

Landing positions also appear to most people as trampoline tricks. The seat drop is when you land on your seat and bounce back into an upright position. The hands and knees drop has you landing on your hands and knees before bouncing back into an upright position. The front drop has you landing in a face forward laying position.

As you progress you will begin to work on using a twisting motion in conjunction with the basic drops and air positions. More advanced jumpers will be able to execute more twists and more combinations. However, trampoline tricks should never include summersaults or flips. These aren't tricks on the backyard trampoline; they are suicide attempts!

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