Water Trampolines

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The world's first water trampoline was made in the USA. Since then the water trampoline craze has spread all around the world. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Your water trampoline can be up and running in no time if you have an electric inflation device. What's more, you can disassemble at any time to store your water trampoline when bad weather sets in.

Water Trampoline Accessories

You can find some really exciting accessories too, that will turn any water trampoline into your own personal water park. Try a water slide, for example. Small children will love this when they're learning to swim.

You can use a water trampoline for jumping, sunbathing, relaxing, or to take part in a number of different water activities. You can practice skate boarding and wake boarding from your water trampoline, just like you can on an ordinary trampoline. You can even water ski off a water trampoline.

Experts warn that use of a water trampoline without a personal floatation device is not a good idea. Of course children should always be wearing a floatation device if they're anywhere near the water. Remember also that maneuvers that look so easy when executed by professionals can actually be very dangerous if you don't have the skills. Don't allow yourself to be forced to do something with which your not comfortable; it's simply too dangerous.

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