Cash Prize

Written by Wes Farrell
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Cash prizes are the best kind of prizes you can win. Now you can enter to win cash online. It's simple and easy. Online contests are so easy these days that you're almost guaranteed to win something. I'm not talking about those spam contests that pop up when you've accidentally gone to a wrong page.

These are legitimate contests that you actually sign up for. You can win instant cash prizes and you can even win paid vacations or other great things. By signing up, you don't have to agree to any contracts or anything that will force you to buy anything. Your name will not be entered into spam lists or sold to advertisers either.

Cash Prizes for Knowledge

Aside from the contests, there are also great online games you can play for money. There are Jeopardy like games where your knowledge is tested and you are rewarded with money or prizes. These types of games do actually exist on the Internet; it's not just an Internet rumor.

How these types of things work is that you get paid for becoming a subject in a study. It's sort of like a paid survey, but instead of answering consumer preference questions you get asked trivia pop culture type questions. If you score well on these tests, you are rewarded with cash prizes. Even if you don't do well, many times you can still win fabulous prizes.

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