Music Trivia Game

Written by Wes Farrell
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Everyone loves some sort of music. It's the one universal thing that people can understand or at least appreciate for its artistic value. It's so popular there are tons of music trivia games all over the Net. When you're tired and bored at work the best way to make time fly is to play a trivia game.

Play Free Online Music Trivia Games

You can even arrange to play a music trivia game against one person or a group. Everything from television theme songs to Frank Sinatra hits can be part of music trivia. You would be surprised how many songs stick in your head without any real effort.

The scores of the music trivia games don't even matter. An answer can be on the tip of your tongue and just drive you crazy. Popular music is a pretty easy topic, but when you delve into previous decades of music, everything changes. There are also different tests on different genres of music. So if you're really into hip-hop then you can take the hip-hop trivia test.

Dinner parties can get stale once the dessert plates are cleared away. Even if the night is still young, boredom can rear its ugly head. Keep the yawns away by planning a bout of music trivia for everyone to enjoy.

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