Action Video Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Action video games separate the men from the boys, and the Master Chiefs from the Tomb Raiders. Every game library has a fair share of action games, making button mashing the new national pastime. Whether they feature the X-Men protecting a world that hates and fears them, or a Splinter Cell stealth infiltration, action video games let gamers live out their biggest fantasies.

The range of these games is considerable, and everyone has their own idea of what constitutes an action game. Does Zelda count, as there is plenty of fighting and action to be found? How about Super Mario Sunshine? The increasing trend of hybrid games only muddles the matter further.

Be the Best at Action Video Games

Strategy guides and online maps can help you get to the end of an action game, but only clocking time at the controller will ever make you a true master. Since buying all the hottest games in this overcrowded market is too expensive for most gamers, online video game rentals provide a great alternative. You can master a game for just a few dollars, as opposed to the standard 50 bucks.

Rent games from a subscription service with an all-you-can-eat plan for maximum value. Check a site's policies on late fees--there shouldn't be any--as well as its inventory before signing up. Picking the right supplier can mean an unlimited stream of action video games showing up in your mailbox for less than the price of one new game.

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