Arcade Games Online

Written by Adam Blau
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Thanks to ever-burgeoning computer technology and the advent of the Internet, fans of arcade games can play their favorites right in the comfort of their own homes. There was a time when gamers had two choices: buy a home video game system with loads of cartridges, or go to the arcade and plunk quarter after quarter into the machines. Today, personal home computers can serve as a perfect host for the video games of yesteryear.

Finding Arcade Games Online

Those people hoping to use their computers for video games have several options. First of all, there are many video game clones available as freeware and shareware on the Internet. Most of these games make use of Flash or Shockwave technology, and can satisfy the quick craving for arcade-style games. Some of these can even be played by several gamers at a time over the Internet.

For those interested in authentic video games, it is possible to download MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) software, which converts the computer into a reader for original ROM gaming code. In this case, the MAME software is installed onto the computer, after which it can read downloadable ROMs from original arcade games. For instance, you can find and download the ROM for a game like Asteroids and play it through the MAME interface.

In order to fully experience the arcade environment, it can sometimes be helpful to use a few accessories attached to your computer. You may wish to purchase a joystick or two to faithfully reproduce the feeling of game play. Some games, like Centipede and Missile Command used a trackball, which you can also purchase for your computer. Of course in most cases, it is possible to simply use your own mouse or computer keyboard to control the games.

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