Atari Game Emulators

Written by Adam Blau
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Thanks to the hard work of dedicated programmers, it is possible to find several computer applications that will allow you to emulate the hardware of Atari gaming systems on your modern computer's operating system. There are several emulators that can effectively reproduce the original game code of Atari video games. These systems include Retrocade, HiVE, and MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).

Differences between Atari Game Emulators

Some emulator systems come with prepackaged game code as part of the bundle. When you download the Atari game emulator, you are also downloading all the specific ROM game codes for a specific number of games. In order to download more games, you need to download a separate emulator patch or, in some cases, an entirely new emulator.

Some emulation systems, like MAME, operate simply as a base system into which individual ROMs must be loaded. This system has the advantage of being expandable and customizable. You only download the ROMs for the games you wish to play, saving yourself the disk space and money that would otherwise go toward unwanted games.

Atari themselves have entered a licensing agreement with certain video game libraries, allowing their game ROMs to be licensed for a small fee. This way, the ROMs may be utilized legally and safely, without fear of corrupt files or piracy. The fact that Atari themselves are licensing their own game codes also ensures that the ROM is completely authentic, matching the look, feel and game play of the original.

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