Bally Pinball Parts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Why are so many collectors out looking for Bally pinball parts nowadays? Well, one reason is that Bally helped lead the charge during pinball's "Golden Era" in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Along with companies such as Williams and Gottlieb, Bally paved the way for some of today's high-tech amusement devices, many of which borrow design elements and other concepts from their predecessors.

Bally is responsible for some of the great titles throughout the history of pinball. Games like Fireball and 4 Million B.C. were staples of any serious pinball arcade back in the '70s, when Bally truly peaked. Of course, several years later, developments in microprocessors gave video games a competitive boost. With their superior sound and graphics, they threatened to put pinball out of business altogether.

Bally Pinball Parts Today

Fortunately, it's still possible to service Bally pinball machines today, thanks in part to the Internet, which is choc-full of suppliers and vendors of Bally pinball parts. Nevertheless, pinball continues to suffer an image crisis due to the overwhelming popularity of video and computer games. So tough was this competition that Bally and Williams were forced to merge their pinball units in an attempt to keep some market presence.

But even with the advent of Pinball 2000, Bally/Williams's attempt to modernize pinball, the industry has continued to wilt. As a result, pinball machine parts are most often bought and sold by those in the nostalgia or memorabilia businesses. Here, pinball, like baseball cards, stamps, and coins, continues to thrive. If you're a collector or hobbyist, there are more than enough places to turn to buy Bally pinball parts, from plungers to balls, on the Internet.

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