Classic Arcade Games

Written by Adam Blau
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Few things can conjure up childhood memories like the blips and bleeps of classic arcade games. Though their graphics were relatively primitive and their strategies comparatively simple when placed next to the complex multi-user gaming systems of today, classic arcade games held their own as a beloved form of entertainment among a large subset of the population. For many, those classic games of yesteryear are still preferable to today's more advanced arcade games.

Finding Classic Arcade Games Today

Fortunately for fans of the classic arcade game, there are still many ways to partake of the thrills of 8-bit and 16-bit games. The most direct way to enjoy those twenty- and thirty-year-old games is to find an old gaming system and game cartridges. Online auction websites and yard sales may have old game units in various states of disrepair. If you are the type of person who enjoys fixing and cleaning up electronics units, this may be the best path for you.

For most of us, though, seeking out archaic gaming systems and game cartridges of dubious quality can be time-consuming, as well as difficult on the wallet. Some of your favorite games may be hard to find or expensive, and the older equipment may be worn down or defective from age. Thankfully, there are programs available for today's computers that will enable a user to successfully emulate the gaming systems of yesteryear for a fraction of the price.

Whether you enjoyed the arcade versions of a particular video game or the Atari home version, you can likely find an emulator for your modern computing system. Generally speaking, an emulator serves as a hosting system for the actual game codes, or ROMs. By downloading an Atari emulator, for example, it's almost like having an actual Atari gaming system in your home computer. The good news is that the games themselves are also simply downloadable code, often costing a fraction of a dollar--so much better than hunting down old, battered and expensive cartridges!

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