Classic Video Games Online

Written by Adam Blau
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Classic video games can be found online in a number of different formats. Fans of classic video games can find free or inexpensive clones of their favorite games. Some classic video games may be available in Web-related multi-player formats, allowing users to play against each other over the Internet. Gamers can also find free emulators to play the actual ROM codes from their favorite games, creating a completely authentic and legal gaming experience.

Different Ways of Finding Games Online

For those trying to recreate the experience of playing their favorite video games, the Internet is a valuable resource. There, they can find modern-day clones simulating the types of games they used to play. Amateur programmers have tried their hand at creating knock-offs of all the favorite games of yesteryear, using interactive multimedia tools like Flash and Shockwave. These games may also be available in multiplayer formats, allowing users to compete over the Web.

The legality of those games, however, can be questionable. Many times, they can border on copyright infringement. By instead downloading a free Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) and individual game ROMs (for a small licensing fee), you can assure yourself that the games you are enjoying are 100 percent legal and authentic. MAME software and ROMs are available for most operating systems, and can provide an easy way to find classic video games online.

Of course, it is also possible to seek out old gaming consoles at online auction sites. While this can prove to be something of an expensive habit, there is nothing quite like feeling the give of an old console joystick as you compete to play your favorite video games. Those people who have the time, money and space requirements to satiate a classic video game console habit have an unbelievable ally in online auction sites.

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