Custom Xbox

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Custom Xbox systems put you in the driver's seat as far as tournament play is concerned. Even if you've already experienced the fast action of premodded Xbox game consoles until you've trained on a custom Xbox console, you can't possibly know all the benefits. It takes time to learn how to operate your Xbox mod chips software, so try not to get frustrated.

Learning how to parse out the technical details of your custom Xbox program may be beyond your wherewithal, unless you have top of the line computer training. The fact of the matter is that thousands upon thousands of research hours go into developing these chips. Beta testing of some Xbox games takes months, if not years, to complete fully.

The Dramatic Difference of Custom Xbox Hardware

Yet even with awesome new beta testing techniques, some flaws in the games still manifest from time to time. This is less a consequence of the laziness of the game programmers than it is evidence of the difficulty of the challenge. Even the best programming code may be fraught with deep-seated errors, errors which only manifest under very specific and potentially uncommon gaming conditions.

In fact, a whole culture has evolved to respond to these tiny flaws in programming language. One of my good friends actually maintains an internet site devoted to publishing these microscopic programming flaws for videogame fans to see. I believe that, as more and more Xbox aficionados get involved in computing, we will see a dramatic increase in consumer interest in the nitty-gritty programming details.

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