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Written by Adam Blau
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War game simulations have been popular since the dawn of the video game industry. Even today, it seems like there are countless variations of military strategy and combat games that are released to the public. One of the ancestors of today's complex war strategy games came in the form of Atari's 1980 release, Battlezone.

Battlezone is a tank warfare game, in which you must successfully maneuver your tank while fighting your ever-approaching enemies. Battlezone was realistic enough for its day that the US Army actually used a variation of the game for training purposes. This was a precursor to the present-day military-gaming relationship, in which the US military is actually commissioning its own games for training purposes.

Downloading Battlezone onto Your Computer

With the aid of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) software, it is possible for a user to experience the thrill of tank warfare through Battlezone once more. MAME allows a user to translate the original ROM code of video game cartridges into a format that is usable by Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and various other operating systems. With a free download of MAME and the extremely low-priced Battlezone ROM, video game fans will be able to play the game quickly and easily.

There are those who will question the necessity of playing 25-year-old video games today, particularly when there are so many more advanced games on the market. These people may be very surprised when they see the entertainment value and surprising sophistication of games like Battlezone. Whether for nostalgic or financial reasons, there are sure to be countless numbers of fans of older Atari games like Battlezone.

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