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Written by Adam Blau
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The arcade game Centipede and its younger sibling Millipede provided countless hours of fun for video game fans and bug-o-phobes alike. The games, manufactured by Atari, were available in the early 1980s both in the arcade and for home gaming systems like the Atari 2600. In each of the games, the object is to rid the game board of intrusive (and fast-moving!) insects and vermin.

1980's Centipede set the precedent for invasive-vermin shooting games. At the bottom of the game board, your character is responsible for pulverizing each section of an ever-approaching centipede. In a board fraught with mushrooms and dancing spiders, this task is often more of a challenge than it might seem--particularly when the centipede breaks into multiple pieces and moves quicker and quicker.

1982's Millipede takes the original game and adds a few variations. Your player is given the added advantage of DDT, allowing for mass destruction of anything that comes in its path. Particularly nasty insects also invade the area of play, upping the level of difficulty.

Playing Centipede and Millipede through MAME

Thanks to Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator software, it is incredibly easy to play these games on your computer today. Simply download the ROMs for an extremely small licensing fee and use your MAME software to host the game. While the original games used a trackball to play, you can successfully use your computer's mouse as a substitute.

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