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Written by Adam Blau
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If the idea of playing classic arcade games on your Macintosh home computer piques your interest, you will likely want to download the MacMAME emulator. MacMAME (the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a piece of software expressly for Macintosh operating systems that will translate raw video game ROMs into playable games. Once MacMAME has been installed on your computer, you can load individual game ROMs into memory and play them as you would in the arcade or on an old gaming console.

There are several sites from which you can download the MacMAME program. The program itself is in constant development, and there are active online communities devoted to cataloging and updating the many changes that the program has undergone. These sites and user forums provide great resources for optimizing MacMAME's performance on various systems, and often provide links to the latest legal ROMs.

MacMAME is a free download. There are some charlatans on the Web who will attempt to charge you for the emulator program itself. While the ROMs themselves often require a small licensing fee for download, the MAME program itself is free for download.

MacMAME and Compatibility

As of this writing, the latest version of MacMAME works on Mac OS X and higher, though the various operating systems and MAME versions constantly change. Any of the MacMAME distribution sites will likely provide ample resources for staying up-to-date about the latest MacMAME versions and system requirements. If you use an older Macintosh OS, don't despair--you can still find older versions of MacMAME that will work on your system, though they might not support all of the more recently-developed ROMs.

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