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Written by Adam Blau
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Atari's Tempest is one of those classic arcade games that is remembered by almost everyone who has ever played it. The look, sound and feel of the game are incredibly unique, and its fast-paced action was incredibly advanced for its day when it was released in 1980. Tempest was enjoyed by countless fans both in the arcade and on home gaming systems everywhere.

In Tempest, your ship rotates around the outside of a geometric figure as enemies approach from the inside. Your job is to shoot back the never-ending flow of enemies and prevent them from reaching your outside area. All of this happens with remarkable speed, which gets even faster as the game progresses.

Downloading Tempest

Part of the beauty of the original Tempest is its simplicity, particularly when compared with the more complex games of today. It is also arguably just as much fun as many of the games that are available for home computers today. Fortunately, it is possible for fans of Tempest to download the original code onto their home computers with incredible ease.

The first step to downloading Tempest is to find a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) for your operating system. MAME software is available for most operating systems today, and they are all completely free of charge. Once you have the MAME installed, it is necessary to download the ROM code to Tempest. This and other ROMs are available legally for a negligible licensing fee. Once you have the ROM downloaded, you will be able to play it through the MAME and experience the blazingly fast excitement of Tempest once again!

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