Gta Online

Written by Devin Flanigan
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GTA online sites have everything you need to know about Rockstar's signature Grand Theft Auto series. The groundbreaking combination of driving and thuggery has a heavy web presence due to its unprecedented and enduring popularity. Finding sites at which you can buy or rent GTA online at value prices is not a difficult task at all.

Though the franchise dates back to the 2D days, it is of course Grand Theft Auto 3 that revolutionized gaming as we know it today. Never before had gamers had the absolute freedom to go anywhere--and do anything--that they wanted. Roaming the streets of Liberty City in whatever vehicle grabbed their eyes converted untold millions of doubters into next generation gamers.

The Legend Continues with GTA Online

The hybrid gameplay that mixed shooting, driving and action video games soared even higher with Vice City, the killer 80s soundtrack and sunny environment of which brought even more gamers into the Rockstar fold. San Andreas takes GTA fans onto the mean streets of Southern California for even more intense and sophisticated gameplay.

Many people who jumped on board the series have never even seen GTA 1 or 2, let alone played them. Online rentals allow you to fill the gap in your Grand Theft Auto background by taking a turn at the wheel of these classic legacy games. When you find GTA online, you can be exactly like Tommy Vercetti, and take what you want.

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