Handheld Video Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Handheld video games take the show on the road, allowing gamers to never be without access to their favorite titles. The venerable Game Boy has gone through many incarnations to get to its newest form as the DS, but to many it will always be a portable Tetris player. New hardware entries from Sony and Nokia mean that the handheld video games wars are just getting started.

Technology marches ever forward, and handheld consoles have benefited from quantum leaps in gaming research. The Game Boy Advance SP, which fits nicely in the palm of one hand, can play the same games that used to be played on the bulky Super NES through a television. Color, stereo sound, and back-lighting have all brought handheld platforms into the 21st century.

The Final Frontier: Handheld Video Games Online

Nokia's newest version of their popular combination cell phone/gaming console allows gamers to play online from the comfort of wherever they might happen to be. Bluetooth wireless technology allows Nokia owners to face off against their best friends or mortal enemies in a variety of cutting-edge games. The future of the handheld medium is in online gaming, just as it is for home consoles.

Games for handheld hardware usually run about $30, but you can rent games cheap from a variety of online services that provide unlimited game rentals. The quality of a game is not proportionate to its size, and many gamers let their home consoles gather dust while they sit on the couch mashing away at their GBAs. With portable console wars upon us, look for handheld video games to experience increases in quality along with decreases in price.

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