Legacy Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Legacy games mean different things to different people. To many of us, they're the classic games we all grew up on. To others, they're the games their fathers grew up on. Whatever demographic you fall into, however, these legacy games are vibrant and compelling gems that span the history of home gaming.

Consoles like the original NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis and Dreamcast featured games that were groundbreaking for their time. They have all seen their technical specs surpassed a hundredfold, but many have few peers when it comes to gameplay. These games not only satisfy the nostalgic hungers of older gamers, but provide a gaming link that knits the generations together.

Legacy Games: Everything Old Is New Again

Many of these games are in high demand by younger players who see classic games featured in their game magazines and on shows like "Judgment Day." By definition, these games are no longer in production, and it is often difficult to rent titles like the original Toe Jam & Earl at your corner video hut. Video game rentals online, however, are a different story.

Most dedicated online sites from which customers can buy and rent games have a vastly superior stock to corporate movie rental storefronts. These vintage games are easy to find through searchable databases or by browsing by your favorite console. Legacy games prove that 3D graphics and surround sound are no substitute for compelling, memorable gameplay.

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