Lock Picking Tool

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The right lock picking tools can come in handy for many arcade game collectors and store managers. In the former case, it's common for individuals to pick up arcade game cabinets at auction or even from the classifieds. Many times, these cabinets have locked doors that prevent the games' operation without a quarter. And if you have a machine in your home, the last thing you want is to cough up 25 (or 50) cents each time you want to play.

In the latter case, arcade owners are often called upon to open up cabinets for a variety of reasons. Maybe a game "ate" a player's quarter without offering credits in return. Or perhaps a coin door got jammed by someone trying to pawn off a nickel as a quarter. Whatever the case may be, lock picking tools are the fastest way to get those cabinets open in a hurry.

Protect Your Investment with Lock Picking Tools

If you're an arcade manager or owner, you depend on the integrity of your locks to keep revenue flowing. Once someone manages to defeat a lock, there's no reason for him or her to deposit a quarter or 50 cents to operate the game. While that may seem like a minor inconvenience, do the math and things quickly turn grim.

For the sake of ease, say the average game is now 50 cents and lasts six minutes. That means, at 10 games an hour (assuming a consistent flow of players), you stand to lose five bucks an hour. That translates to 40 dollars a day, 200 dollars a week, and over 10,000 dollars a year! And that's only for one game. Locks are therefore crucial to the gaming industry, as are the lock picking tools that beat them.

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