Magic 3.1 Mod Chips

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Magic 3.1 mod chips give gamers the functions they expect from mod chips, as well as additional functions that many always wished they could have. As with most other Playstation accessories designed to modify the platform, these chips immediately provide their owners the ability to boot up any import and any backup for the Ps1 or Ps2. But Magic 3.1 mod chips overdeliver in many other areas, putting them at the top of a short list to consider when looking at chipping your machine.

These Magic chips are stable, reliable, and provide excellent value for their price point. Compatible with V1 all the way through V8 systems, many find the installation to be a breeze. Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated aspect of this new type of Magic chip is that it makes swapping a thing of the past. Never again will you have to go through the tedious and annoying practice of swapping discs to get your Playstation to boot up your imports and backups.

Magic 3.1 Mod Chips Break The Mold

Hardcore gamers will delight in knowing that these chips actually come standard with protections against overheating. Your hardware is never in danger as the Magic chip knows to switch off should it or the board get too hot. It preserves not only itself, but your system, making a great line of defense in protecting your gaming investment.

Plus, these chips can be easily turned on and off, and do not affect the original functionality of your console at all. This makes it one of the most flexible, least invasive chips; qualities that many gamers find indispensable. If Magic 3.1 mod chips have the features that you've been looking for, compare it to other chips you've considered, and make an informed choice.

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