Mame Emulator For Windows

Written by Adam Blau
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Fans of classic arcade games can rejoice: many of their favorite games are now available for legal, legitimate download. Thanks to a piece of software called MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), the original game code (ROMs) can be dumped from the original chips and downloaded onto a modern computer. The MAME software itself is free, and is readily available for any number of operating systems.

For PC users, the MAME emulator is available in both DOS MAME and MAME32 versions. For those who wish to implement the emulation software from a DOS prompt on their computers, the DOS MAME should do the trick. For those of us who are more comfortable operating software from within Windows, the MAME32 version will work fine.

The MAME32 version of the program simply adds a usable graphic user interface to the emulation software. The functionality is essentially the same as the DOS version and--in fact--both programs are usually updated simultaneously. Anyone who has installed and used Windows programs should be able to comfortably install the MAME32 emulation software for their own computers.

DOS MAME or MAME32 for Windows?

Some people wonder whether they should run the DOS or the MAME32 version of the MAME software on their Windows-based computers. Most of the time, both versions should work fine. Some experts recommend trying them both to see which version runs better on your computer setup. It is quite possible that ROMs that cause trouble in one version will run smoothly in the other.

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