Written by Adam Blau
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Users of Microsoft's Windows operating system who wish to turn their computers into a gaming device would do well to avail themselves of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) software. MAME software enables users to load into their computers actual code from the ROM chips of arcade games. The code is translated by the MAME software and output in a format that the destination system understands.

MAME Choices

Windows users have two main choices for MAME software. DOS MAME operates from the DOS prompt, and functions through a textual interface. MAME32 functions from within Windows, and utilizes a graphical user interface without explicitly entering DOS mode.

If the computer is already running Windows, it is somewhat easier to run MAME32. For the most part, the program should function very similarly to DOS MAME. The use of one or the other of the MAME programs mostly depends on the user's comfort level with leaving the Windows environment.

In some cases, there may be bugs or incompatibilities with one of the programs and not with the other. If you are experiencing technical issues using MAME32 on certain ROMs, you may want to try downloading DOS MAME to rectify the problem. For the most part, if DirectX applications run smoothly on your system, then MAME32 should run with few or no problems.

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