Mario Online

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Mario online resources exist to answer any question you might have about everybody's favorite plumber. As the all-time most popular video game character, there is virtually no end to the bandwidth devoted to singing the praises of the heroic Mario. You can also find sites about Mario online that allow you to play his vast library of titles designed for every console.

No one forgets his first time at the controls of the little hopping, head-butting, hapless Italian plumber. Nintendo ushered in modern platform gaming by shifting the attention away from the big gorilla and towards the scrappy little guy who risks all to rescue the girl. The past three decades have seen dozens of titles devoted to the little guy who won't quit--and there are only more to come.

It's Me, Mario Online

The Internet has made it possible for gamers to stroll down memory lane by playing all the great Mario titles that they remember--and many which they never knew existed. Auction and collectible sites are full of classic Mario legacy games being sold by other gamers. Perhaps better still, there are rental sites from which one can borrow all the games, avoiding the big investment that buying these titles represents.

You can rent video games online all the way from Mario's earliest battles against the giant ape, to his exploits with Luigi by his side, and all the way to Mario Sunshine and beyond. Many game rental services have unlimited rental periods and let you keep multiple titles at the same time. Everyone grew up with the feisty plumber, so finding Mario online means you can have all of your friends over to play some of the classic games of all time.

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