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Written by Devin Flanigan
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Mod chips are Playstation and Xbox accessories that facilitate increased capabilities in today's next generation videogame consoles. The power of these chips unlocks unforeseen potential in platform gaming, adding value and playability to your existing hardware. These Xbox and Ps2 mod chips are an ideal way to broaden your gaming horizons to an unprecedented degree, without the expensive investment in a new system.

These chips are usually installed directly into your console, using a variety of methods. Gamers have the choice of installing the chips themselves or having a professional do the work for them. Either way once installed, these Playstation and Xbox upgrades allow your machine to read discs that it never could before, turning it into an international gaming device, an investment-protecting game copier, and a multimedia home entertainment machine.

Mod Chips Put The World at Your Feet

Chips allow your console to recognize games developed in and for any country in the world, opening up huge new libraries of games for you to explore. Every game has a region coding that your system looks for when you insert a disc. If the coding does not match the region in which you live, the console will fail at reading the disc. Playstation and Xbox mods democratize gaming by allowing the console to recognize games that span the globe.

This is especially helpful for those gamers who read about all the great titles being released only in Asia. Corporate marketers impose their narrow view on which gamers enjoy which games, overlooking the vast numbers of American gaming enthusiasts who are hungry for new, unique gameplay. Mod chips are like a new multiplex opening in your town, one devoted to playing the Japanese and Hong Kong titles that you've been dying to see, but resigned yourself to only reading about in magazines and online. Imports often feature a more immersive and non-linear style of gameplay, which can be a welcome change after tearing through a barrage of shooter games.

Mod chips also allow console owners to create Xbox and Ps2 backups, identical copies of titles in your game library. By allowing your system to play these backups, you are able to store your originals away for safekeeping. Backups ensure that a scratch or a nick does not send you back to the store to plunk down another $50 to rebuy the same title. Protecting your investment in your game library means more money left over to buy more games, instead of throwing hard-earned cash down the drain to replenish your stable of favorite titles.

Mod Chips Enable More Than Just Games

With a modded Xbox or Playstation, consoles are no longer limited to just playing games. They are also able to boot up CDs, DVDs, and mp3s, or even backups of them. If you combine mod chips with other accessories like Xbox hard drives, you can even copy all of this media directly to your console, decreasing load times and disc swapping, as well as storing all your home entertainment in one place.

Gaming platforms have always been, essentially, computers in disguise, but the cartridge model that dominated home gaming for so long often made gamers forget the fact that computers are infinitely scalable and upgradeable. Mod chips provide the power and flexibility to a platform that you might have once thought of as static and unchangeable. Even older systems like the Playstation One can be infused with new life when chipped, meaning the lifespan of your consoles can extend as long as you'd like.

With tons of great chips on the market, it is very important to do careful research and assess your particular gaming needs. Chips vary in size, cost, feature, platform compatibility, and in other important ways. Various chips support certain specific installation options, so do not neglect the fine print when shopping. When you read about the success that thousands of other gamers have had by unleashing the power of their consoles, you will almost certainly want to check it out for yourself.

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