Modded Ps2

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Modded Ps2 systems compare well with modded Xbox consoles. Even if you're a big fan of Xbox mod chips game systems, you shouldn't rule out the Playstation 2 until you've had a few trial runs. Although fans of the Xbox maintain that the machine is one of the most supreme game playing systems ever invented, aficionados of the Playstation 2 are similarly infatuated with their systems.

With modded Ps2 hardware, you can make duplicate copies of your favorite games. In addition, modded Ps2 chips give you the chance to store more information on your hard drive. This backup data may seem like a luxury at first. However, seasoned tournament veterans swear by these chips as fantastic training tools.

Training on a Modded Ps2 Console

By saving up your data on your mod chips, you can go back and look over exactly what went wrong and what went right with your game. In today's highly competitive tournament scene, only the most astute players win the day. The sad truth is that workaday video game fans no longer can compete effectively against the top players in the world. They simply don't have the training to take on these experts.

That being said, it is possible to hone your acumen to a fine point--if you go about the training properly. Instead of focusing on beating your friends or discovering odd kinks in the programs, train yourself to focus simply on your tournament skills. It requires discipline and a big time commitment to become a major league player, yet the benefits of a sharp training regimen are huge. You can beat the best if you train better than the rest.

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