Ms Pacman Arcade Game

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Midway's Ms Pacman arcade game can rightly be called one of the classics. Ms Pacman emerged as the even more popular successor to Pacman, prompting a million witty journalists to remark how behind every great man stands a great woman. But gender politics notwithstanding, Ms Pacman was hugely successful, not only for Midway, but for the entire video game industry.

Like all great games, Ms Pacman was simple and straight-forward. Ms Pacman's goal was to tear through a series of graphic mazes as quickly as possible while gobbling as many dots as she could, all the while dodging a quartet of ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Sue. Aiding Ms Pacman in her quest were four power pills that helped turn the tables on Ms Pacman's pursuers by granting her temporary invincibility. During these spells, The Miz could even chow down on her tormentors, thereby sending their disembodied eyes back to their cells to be reunited with their devoured corpses.

The Ms Pacman Arcade Game Today

The Ms Pacman arcade game, along with the Galaga game, became the most popular arcade choice among die-hard players. These two titles enjoyed unprecedented success and, 20 years later, continue to find homes in arcade parlors and private residences. Of late, both titles have seen an abnormal spike in consumer interest, prompting several re-releases of the original game boards.

Problem is, many of these boards (and cabinets) have suffered critical damage over the past 20 years. They've been stomped and kicked so much (in addition to their normal wear and tear) that many of their arcade parts have been broken. But nostalgia fans looking for these original machines can take heart since the re-releases have been issued by the original cabinet manufacturers, ensuring that their looks are virtually identical to those that won innumerable converts in the early '80s.

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