No Swap Mod Chips

Written by Devin Flanigan
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No swap mod chips may not be as familiar to the average gamer as those chips that rely on swap discs. Being able to play imports, backup copies of your games, and use your machine as DVD, CD, and mp3 player all add value and lifespan to your Xbox or Ps2. Most mod chips do all of these things, but no swap mod chips also at the same time eliminate the need to swap disks.

Many Ps2 and Xbox upgrades give gamers the freedom and fun of a modded machine, but still demand the redundant annoyance of continuously swapping discs in and out of the hardware. Most people buy chips for true, no hassle gaming, They want the experience to be seamless and transparent. Swap discs can break the flow of gaming, and make one wonder if all the expense and labor it took to install the chip was worth it.

No Swap Mod Chips Put Gaming First

Unlike traditional mod chips that require disc swapping, no swap chips allow your console to instantly recognize that import or backup of your game as soon as you insert it in the machine. No longer do you need to spend time and energy waiting and swapping, keeping all the right discs handy, and hoping everything goes as planned. If you are the type of gamer who prefers to never leave your chair or couch, no swap is the choice for you.

Upgrading a console can be a big step for many consumers. Once you've researched all your options, you very well may find out that you want to go with accessories that do as much as the work for you, rather than leave you with repetitive, time-consuming tasks every time you want to play. No swap mod chips mean that your one-time investment grants continuous returns, without you ever having to crouch in front of your console again for a disc swap.

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