Nokia Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Nokia games have consistently impressed even their biggest doubters with their sharp graphics and fast, addictive gameplay. Many were sure that the games and gameplay would have to suffer in a handheld phone and communication device that also is a video game platform. Now, the library of Nokia games drives the purchase for many consumers, with the phone and other functions often left in the dust.

The presence of sharp 2D and mind-blowing 3D graphics is one big reason why these games are such fan favorites, but there are others as well. The Bluetooth technology that enables online gaming with the Nokia has to be considered one of the most killer apps in recent gaming breakthroughs. The ability to play online games quickly and easily while on the go adds tremendous value to the Nokia.

Nokia Games: "You Mean There's a Phone, Too?"

The portability and all-in-one aspect of the Nokia system makes it a good choice for early adapters who are tired of their pockets filling up with numerous handheld devices. Many of these people are relatively new to gaming and are wary of buying a title that might leave them a little cold. The best way to make sure you get the right Nokia games for you is to rent them first, and see what you like.

Though you won't see games for the Nokia in the video game section of most local video stores, there are quality online retailers who offer these cutting edge games for rent. Some offer the option to keep the game for an unlimited time, avoiding the perils of late fees. Try out a variety of games until you figure out which are the ones you can't bear to live without.

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