Novus Plastic Polish

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Novus plastic polish is considered the industry standard for keeping video game cabinets in pristine condition. In the course of any given day, a machine can endure endless smudging, sweat, and other moisture (spilled soft drinks, for example) that can ruin the surface of a marquee or cabinet. And a machine with a compromised appearance is far less likely to attract users than one that sparkles, shines, and says "Play Me!"

Novus plastic polish is just one in a series of products that help protect your valuable games from damage. There's also Novus scratch remover, perfect for restoring video monitors back to their original condition, which comes in both "fine" and "heavy duty" varieties. After all, the scratches left by a wristwatch on a hand that's slipped across the screen are likely to be far different from those of a vandal who sets out to deface your machine.

The Uses of Novus Plastic Polish

Plastic polish not only helps remove stains and other blemishes, it resists fogging and cuts down on static as well. Residual moisture in an arcade can easily damage a screen and interfere with a player's game, especially when there are major disparities in the temperatures inside and outside the arcade. Anyone who's ever stepped from a snowy street into a warm house and had their glasses fog up is already familiar with this.

Most electronic amusement devices also involve some sort of magnetic field that can cause significant static in the cabinet and on the playing monitor. Novus polish helps keep this static in check as well as ward off dust, another common peril in any arcade gallery. Keeping all your arcade parts in tip-top shape both electronically and aesthetically is one of the easiest ways to ensure repeat business from your customers.

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