Racing Video Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Racing video games bring high-speed excitement to your gaming console. The wide assortment of titles available means you can find yourself racing at Talledega, Indy, or even on Tatooine. The variety of vehicles that you can control in racing video games is equally large, from jet skis to 18-wheelers.

Racing games satisfy a primal need for speed and head-on competition. This is one reason why they are so popular, especially when played against a human component. Only war games provoke a similar competitive edge in gamers, a burning desire to vanquish their opponents.

Rent Racing Video Games

If there is one drawback to racing games, it is that they sometimes are easier to get bored with than other genres, such as action video games. This is why video game rentals can be a godsend to the wallet of race game fans. Rent a variety of games, from Mario Kart to Colin McRae, and make sure you get every penny's worth of fun from it.

Online rental services often let you keep games as long as you want, so master the courses versus the AI, and then trounce your unwitting friends when they come over to try out your "new" rental. Keep a game long enough to see if you'll tire of it, and if not, consider buying it. Renting racing video games lets you make sure you only fill your permanent library with the very best racing titles.

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