Rent Gamecube Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Rent Gamecube games like Goldeneye, Metroid and Pikmin and see for yourself what the critics are always gushing about. The Gamecube has from the beginning suffered from a perception that it was designed for kids, due to its size, coloring, and even name. X Box and Play Station 2 owners often fail to give much thought to how green the grass is in the world of Mario and Link.

The ability to rent Gamecube games presents a perfect opportunity to see what millions of Gamecube owners already know: that the Nintendo system offers some of the most sophisticated and innovative games available for any home console. The turbo hardware nestled inside the cute little cube combines with Miyamoto-san's unrivaled brilliance at creating and shepherding games to create one-of-a-kind games that mesh the best elements of Eastern and Western gameplay.

Rent Gamecube Games from Home

Some stores and websites rent the Gamecube console as well as rent games, but you can also find affordable used systems on auction sites and community bulletin boards. Purchasing multiple games--even used--adds up very quickly, which is why video game rentals are becoming increasingly popular. The ability to sample and preview games for just a few dollars allows you to evaluate which games might make worthy permanent additions to your collection.

If you are already lucky enough to own a Gamecube, then Gamecube rentals allow you to rent untested games while you save up your money for your absolute must-haves. If you rent Gamecube games online, you get all of these benefits without ever even leaving your house. Subscription rental services will mail the games directly to you, and most allow unlimited games for unlimited rental periods--the best of both worlds!

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