Rent Genesis

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Rent Genesis if you want to want to play some of the best games of the early 1990s, which means some of the best games of all time. Sega's sleek machine introduced the world to a hedgehog named Sonic, and two funky aliens named Toe Jam and Earl. Rent Genesis and get reacquainted with all of your old friends, and many new ones.

The Sega Genesis broke new ground with its amazingly colorful graphics and lightning-fast gameplay. Gamers accustomed to watching Mario lope lazily across the screen were blown away when Sonic tore through a level in mere seconds. Epic role playing adventures like Phantasy Star and movie licenses like Total Recall offered tremendous variety for this stellar early entry in the console wars.

Rent Genesis to Experience the Legacy

Online game rentals are the best way to locate your favorite legacy games, games designed for "extinct" consoles such as the SNES and Genesis. Very few stores stock these games and garage sales aren't worth the time. Log on to a game rental site and see if the Genesis is listed as a console for which they rent games, or check for a general heading for legacy games.

If you decide to rent rather than buy these games, there are many bargains to be found. Multiple titles can be rented for one flat rate most often, and the games get mailed directly to your house. If your favorite game rental site doesn't carry consoles and your Genesis is long gone, check auction sites or community bulletin boards. But be warned: those who rent Genesis games often don't want to switch back to higher performance next generation consoles.

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