Rent Megaman

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Rent MegaMan to relive the adventures of everyone's favorite Blue Bomber, as well as to keep up with his latest exploits. Ever since he debuted on the original NES back in 1987, MegaMan has been a favorite on both sides of the Pacific. The enduring appeal of the franchise is rivaled only by Mario, whose fight with Donkey Kong debuted in arcades in 1981.

Rent MegaMan in his first incarnation and you'll find a simple 2D side-scroller. It was the innovative gameplay and lovable characters that made MegaMan an instant classic. Though recent entries in the franchise have veered off into 3D and added different gameplay styles, the core series has stuck with the basics for almost 30 years. The little lab assistant robot named Rock turned warrior named MegaMan shows no sign of losing popularity in the near future, either.

Rent MegaMan and Defeat Dr. Wily!

Most MegaMan titles are long out-of-print, and before the Internet, were usually discovered by lucky gamers at garage sales. Now video game rentals online feature a whole host of so-called legacy games: titles for consoles that no longer have games in active development. A simple search for MegaMan at a online game rentals site should produce an embarrassment of riches.

Many rental services offer unlimited game rentals for one flat monthly fee, so you can trace the evolution of the Bomber from his inception. No due dates and no late fees are the norm at the best sites, so you can keep MegaMan games as long as you want. When you rent MegaMan, you get a quick boost of nostalgia and countless hours of timeless gameplay.

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